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  Jan 01, 0001

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Issues accessing the Azure portal

As part of cloud infrastructure monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Operations team identified an event which we would like to bring to your attention. In case you have any follow up question regarding the event, please do not hesitate to raise a support case on that matter from the home page of Sitecore Support & Self-Service Portal.

Event description: Starting at approximately 15:53 UTC on 20 May 2021, you may experience issues accessing the Azure portal and other Microsoft services. Microsoft have identified a transient issue impacting a backend service and actively scaling out Microsoft backend resources to mitigate the issue. As scaling out operation progresses, some customers may begin to see recovery. Microsoft telemetry is indicating that connection to services is returning to normal levels.

Impacted region(s):
France Central; Germany West Central; North Europe; Norway East; Switzerland North; UK South; UK West; West Europe; France South; Germany North; Norway West; Switzerland West; Global

Impact: Customers may experience issues accessing the Azure portal and other Microsoft services.

Additional references:

Planned further actions:

We are continuously monitoring the situation and will keep you updated as and when we hear more about it.

Microsoft Engineering teams have been engaged and are investigating. 

Please check current status at

Who performs further actions: Microsoft Support

Next update planned at: As we get the update from Microsoft.

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Updates Summary

Resolved: Issue has been resolved. More details about root cause analysis you can find on Azure status history page


- Posted on May 21, 09:48 UTC


Microsoft team has notified that as of 16:20 UTC, that all services have recovered. We will provide additional details regarding the root cause and mitigation as it becomes known.

on 2021-05-20 22:00:56


- Posted on May 20, 00:00 UTC