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  Jan 15, 2021

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xDB Cloud - Azure Cognitive Search API version update

Microsoft is making an important change that affects xDB Cloud customers. Microsoft is retiring the 2015-02-28-Preview version of the Azure Search REST API; it will no longer be supported as of 15 January 2021. After 15 January 2021, your xDB Cloud implementation will no longer work properly and must be upgraded. More details on this Azure Search API retirement are at

Impact details:
Data querying from Azure Search will no longer work after 15 Jan 2021, as a result some data in Analytics reports will no longer be available, however new data processing will continue working as Sitecore has already updated all related components.

Recommended action:
Change apiVersion to "2017-11-11" for "" connection string in ConnectionStrings.config file. For example:
Old value:
<add name = "" connectionString = "serviceUrl=;apiVersion=2015-02-28-preview;apiKey=39518CD0AA469EC2896D52B75C93CB"/>

New value:
<add name = "" connectionString = "serviceUrl=;apiVersion=2017-11-11;apiKey=39518CD0AA469EC2896D52B75C93CB"/>


- Posted on Jan 04, 00:00 UTC