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  Nov 10, 2017

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Managed Cloud and xDB Cloud - Azure Issue with Redis Cache and VMs

Starting 09:00 UTC, Azure reported an issue with multiple Virtual Machines and Redis Cache instances.

Sitecore monitoring has noted an intermittent impact to xDB Cloud Core services and a few Managed Cloud instances in North/West Europe (Redis Cache).


Updates Summary

Mitigated: According to Azure status page, the issue has been completely resolved.
Our alerting system no longer reports any outages with Sitecore infrastructure, so issue is mitigated for Sitecore as well.
- Posted on Nov 10, 14:15 UTC


Short downtime (for a few minutes in a period of 09:00-11:00 UTC) has been identified for xDB Cloud Core services affecting xDB Cloud REST API and xDB Cloud 1.0 connectivity.

Redis Cache impact on Sitecore services is being investigated.

- Posted on Nov 10, 11:14 UTC