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  Dec 01, 2017

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Sitecore Email Cloud - Intermittent issues experienced

Starting 17-Nov-2017, 03:00 UTC Email Cloud reported a couple of availability alerts. The service should be working fine now. However, Sitecore team is investigating the root cause of occurred alerts to ensure no further impact on customers.


Updates Summary

Closure and RCA: After detailed validation, the root cause has been determined within the underlying application code. Sitecore will schedule appropriate fixes in the code for the nearest release. In the meantime, Email Cloud system proves to be stable in the current tier, so system stability is under control now. The event is closed.
- Posted on Dec 01, 12:07 UTC

Analyzed and fixed: 

After investigation, it was confirmed that experienced interim outage appeared due to recent server scale out. The behavior of Email Cloud system with multiple instances appeared less stable. Therefore, the infrastructure has been scaled down on 14:00 UTC to single instance and now system becomes stable.

Summary of the impact: during the issue time frame, customers using EXM with Email Cloud may experience delays on Sitecore start-up or when viewing Email Cloud usage statistics via EXM Dashboard. No impact on email dispatching function has been identified.

Next steps: Sitecore continue dedicated monitoring of the stability after the fix enrollment. We will update the status after healthy status can be permanently confirmed.

- Posted on Nov 17, 15:02 UTC

Identified: Sitecore identified an alert and currently investigate the details of experienced behavior. Further updates will be posted soon.
- Posted on Nov 17, 10:44 UTC