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  Oct 03, 2018

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Sitecore App Center - Planned Upgrade with New Features & Bug fixes

Release summary:

Sitecore prepares an update to Sitecore App Center server side with Release packages 0.324, 0.325, 0.326, 0.327, 0.328 along with some New features & Bug fixes.

Those changes are focused on internal improvements , optimizations, key bug fixes related to Sitecore Email Cloud, Sitecore Managed Cloud.

  • Managed Cloud App updates to support past period consumption and display account name in page header.
  • Fixed Manage Cloud App bugs.
  • App center Login: Remove requirements for fields in CRM Account.
  • One Bug fixed include :  Managed Cloud UI App breaks up when Slot has no Metric instances.
  • One of the many bugs fixed include : Managed Cloud Consumption App Not Visible to Customers.

Impact on Customers:    No impact on live customer solutions expected, App Center server will be restarted once closer to finish date.


Updates Summary


The production app center servers are now successfully updated with these release packages.

All the relevant post deploy validations & various smoke tests have passed positively.

- Posted on Oct 03, 10:01 UTC

IN PROGRESS: The Sitecore App center upgrade process through deployment of the new release packages has been started.
- Posted on Oct 01, 14:03 UTC

Scheduled: Upgrade has been scheduled.
- Posted on Sep 30, 12:35 UTC

- Posted on Sep 30, 00:00 UTC