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  Nov 09, 2017

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Sitecore Email Cloud - Service Issue

Due to on-going issue on Sparkpost Enterprise side (underlying Email Cloud provider), the whole Email Cloud solution may be impacted.

More details on Sparkpost page:

Sitecore is working on clarifying the impact and resolution steps with provider closely.


Updates Summary

Closed: After further monitoring and final confirmation from the vendor, the alert is close. All Email Cloud systems are functioning as expected.
- Posted on Nov 09, 09:24 UTC

Update: Our provider reports stabilization of the system, so Email Cloud should be stable as well. Internal Sitecore telemetry shows no issues with Email Cloud system, we continue monitoring the state.
- Posted on Nov 08, 15:31 UTC

Identified: The issue has been identified. Currently known impact: intermittent unavailability of Sitecore Email Cloud services (including SMTP/dispatch function). The issue is under investigation.
- Posted on Nov 08, 13:18 UTC