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  Jan 24, 2022

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Checking SSL Certificates

Estimated time frame: Aug 20, 00:00 - Aug 20, 00:00 UTC


A trusted root certificate is required for backend instances. The root certificate is a Base-64 encoded X.509(.CER) format root certificate from the backend server certificates. You can export the public key from the TLS/SSL certificate for the backend certificate and then export the root certificate of the trusted CA from the public key in base64 encoded format to get the trusted root certificate. The intermediate certificate(s) should be bundled with server certificate and installed on the backend server.

If the back-end certificate is issued by a well-known certificate authority (CA), you can select the Use Well Known CA Certificate check box, and then you don't have to upload a certificate. Not having the intermediate bundled in the PFX, can stop the "well known CA" from working correctly. Try checking the intermediate certs on the backend cert. Please use online tools for checking SSL certificates.

Please validate your SSL certificates before submitting a Service request for certificate updates backend instances.

- Posted on Aug 20, 00:00 UTC