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  May 29, 2018

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Sitecore App center access issue

Issue: The Sitecore App center is unavailable, due to Sitecore internal network issue.

Impact on Customers: Sitecore customers/partners won't be able to access App center.

Actual impact is that the customers/partners/sitecore account managers won't be able to view the consumption details of IP Geolocation, Sitecore Email Cloud & Sitecore Managed cloud.

Also, purchasing of a new pricing plan / subscribing to a new Sitecore cloud service / changing the existing price plan is affected.


Updates Summary

Resolved: Network issue has been resolved by Sitecore engineers. App Center is in healthy state and operating normally again.
- Posted on May 29, 17:41 UTC

Identified: Unable to login to the Sitecore App center, due to Sitecore internal network issue. Sitecore engineers are working on resolve the issue. 

Updates will be posted as soon as they are available.

- Posted on May 29, 00:00 UTC