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  Oct 30, 2019

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Azure Storage Issue for West Europe - Mitigated

During daily monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Operations engineers found an issue with Microsoft Azure due to which some of the Managed Cloud & xDB Cloud customers in West Europe are affected.

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service: Sitecore Managed Cloud & xDB Cloud customers.

Customer identification: Few Managed Cloud customers & xDB Cloud Customers hosted in the West Europe Azure region.

Issue Description: Through Azure we have learnt that some instances of a backend service responsible for controlling Storage requests became unhealthy.

Impact:  Between 10:17 and 13:52 UTC on 30 Oct 2019, a subset of customers, and Azure services, in West Europe may have experienced difficulties connecting to resources hosted in this region stemming from an identified Storage issue.

Impacted services: Storage; SQL Database; Azure Search; Automation; Key Vault; App Service; Log Analytics and Azure Services.

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Mitigation: Microsoft performed a change to the impacting backend service configuration to mitigate the issue.



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