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  Mar 25, 2021

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IP Geolocation Service Down

Event Description: As part of cloud infrastructure monitoring activities, starting at 4PM UTC  Sitecore Cloud Operations team identified an event that we would like to bring to your attention that our IP Geolocation Services are down at the moment.


Impact: Customers may not be able to see the location and IP address of the visitor searching there website.


Planned Further Actions: We are continuously monitoring the situation and our team is working on it to fix this ASAP.


Resolved: Customers who were using TLS 1.0 faced the issue. Sitecore Cloud Operations has identified and resolved the issue. If you are still facing any issues with the Service, please contact Sitecore Support.


Updates Summary

Mitigated: We mitigated the issue and currently is it under Monitoring 
- Posted on Mar 24, 21:24 UTC