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  Mar 20, 2018

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Deployment - Sitecore Azure Marketplace Core service upgrade

Sitecore Cloud Operations team is preparing a planned update on Azure Marketplace infrastructure. 

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service:  Sitecore Azure Marketplace

Expected impact on customers:

Existing and New customers won't be able to Deploy Sitecore Experience Cloud through Azure Marketplace.

However, existing customers can as usual work with their already deployed Sitecore Cloud resources, no impact to existing Sitecore Customer's Cloud resources.

Release summary:

  • Update EXM 3.5.1 revision to 171103 from 171102(BUG 200479)
  • Fixed EXM DDS Deployment in 9.0.1(BUG 210043)
  • Updated Auto generated Self signed certificates to support Commerce Identity Server
  • Implemented Marketplace specific important notice - To display a message about the “resource group name with underscore makes the marketplace hang”
  • Fixed Duplicate important notice when select the Store Front after selecting the commerce(BUG 207517)
  • Updated API Deployment Arm Templates to set DefaultSasTokenDurationInMinutes to 240


Updates Summary

COMPLETED: The Sitecore Azure Marketplace Core service has been upgraded successfully. 
- Posted on Mar 20, 16:03 UTC