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  Jul 18, 2020

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Multiple availability issues

Cloud Operations team identified an event which we would like to bring to your attention. In case you have any follow up question regarding the event, please do not hesitate to raise a support case on that matter from the home page of Sitecore Support & Self-Service Portal.

Event description: Sitecore customers might have faced the degradation of resources on portals such as Azure, Searchstax, mLab, MongoDB Atlas during the following period 18-July-2020 7:50 AM – 8:50 AM UTC.

Impact: Some of the resources on portals such as Azure, Searchstax, mLab, MongoDB Atlas were not available during the following period 18-July-2020 7:50 AM – 8:50 AM UTC. 

Planned further actions:

Cloud operations team are doing the monitoring of the customers and core service resources.
Cloud operations team is working closely with vendors support to find the root cause of the issue.

Who performs further updates: Cloud operations team.


Updates Summary


Time Resolved: 18-July-2020, 8:45 AM UTC

Between 07:50 and approximately 08:45 UTC on 18 Jul 2020, the Microsoft Azure DNS service experienced a transient resolution issue which impacted connectivity for some dependent Azure services. Microsoft engineers restarted the Azure DNS service in several Azure regions. For most regions this was an impactless, or low impact, event; for a small number of regions the restart required a re-sync with the Azure databases which caused the restart to take more time. Authoritative and other DNS services were not impacted by this issue. The DNS service was fully mitigated at 08:45 UTC by the Microsoft Azure team, but some services with multiple dependencies may have taken longer for all customer to see full service restoration. Sitecore Managed Cloud customers using Solr hosted by SearchStax may have received notifications due to this DNS issue because one of the two methods SearchStax uses for availability monitoring relies on Azure DNS for communication. The other method SearchStax uses for monitoring remained operational and confirms no actual Solr service downtime or loss of data was registered during this period. These notifications were false positives and SearchStax has verified all services are fully operational at this time.

- Posted on Jul 18, 18:57 UTC

In Progress: All customers in all locations might be affected due to the event on Azure.
- Posted on Jul 18, 12:04 UTC

In Progress: The Cloud Operations team are investigating the issue
- Posted on Jul 18, 07:50 UTC

Identified: The issue has been identified 
- Posted on Jul 18, 00:00 UTC