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  Sep 22, 2017

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Sitecore Azure Marketplace API & SPA Update

Sitecore Cloud Operations team is preparing the following planned release to Sitecore Cloud Services.

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service:  Sitecore Azure Marketplace API and SPA Endpoints.

Release summary:   

Sitecore Azure Marketplace API ver. API 1.0.0 rev. 297 and Marketplace SPA 1.0.0 rev. 346 are the full release product packages.

This release includes below features, improvements & highlights:

  1.  Added support for uploading and generating certificates for authentication to be used in Sitecore 9.0.0
  2.  Added support for Visibility flag and Publishing Date for any product’s version
  3.  Introduced Web API and Metadata versioning
  4.  Improved SPA’s communication services to better support multiple requests, with different timeout/retry settings using HttpQueues
  5.  Added SKU Size array to support any size naming for products and not only numeric ranges.

Expected impact on customers:   No impact expected, but Sitecore Settings page may be unavailable in Azure Marketplace for a short period during production switch.

- Posted on Sep 19, 07:06 UTC