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  Sep 10, 2020

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Phase 3: Azure SQL Database traffic migration to newer Gateways

During daily monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Operations engineers found a planned maintenance activity on Microsoft Azure due to which SQL database connectivity might be affected for the customer connecting to database.

Gateways built on new hardware are being added to SQL DB in various regions. This will allow logins to be serviced by more than one Gateway in these regions, leading to better response times and reduced latency. This will change the public IP address to which DNS will resolve for your SQL Database hosted on West Central US and South Africa North, effective September 10, 2020.

Impact: Potential loss of connectivity for Customers using IP restriction rules on Azure SQL Databases. For the majority of customers, we expect this change will not impact connectivity to SQL Database. However, we recommend that you white list IP addresses for all Gateways in  West Central US and South Africa North, as outlined in the table here. More details about new gateway migration process given in the following article: Azure SQL Database traffic migration to newer Gateways.


New SQL Gateways are being added to the following regions:

  • West Central US:
  • South Africa North:


These SQL Gateways shall start accepting customer traffic on 10 September 2020.


Updates Summary

Completed: New Azure SQL Database gateways have been added
- Posted on Sep 11, 21:11 UTC

Scheduled: The migration has been scheduled on September 10, 2020
- Posted on Aug 06, 00:00 UTC