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  Jul 04, 2018

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Deployment - Managed Cloud Core Update

Sitecore Cloud Operations team is preparing the following planned Release to Sitecore Managed Cloud Services.
This upgrade brings couple of new features and fixes some issues.

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service: Managed Cloud Core services and Consumption Billing.

Impact on Customers: No downtime and no impact on live customer solutions expected.

Release summary:   

1. Improve UsagePopulation scheduler - run for current and previous month
2. Enhance historical usage service for App Center
3. Billing should not calculate Overage Quota based on slot start date
4. Update billing .NET framework and project folder
5. Update RackspaceMonthlyBillings table schema


Updates Summary

COMPLETED: This planned upgrade has been completed successfully.
- Posted on Jul 04, 10:18 UTC

IN PROGRESS: This planned upgrade is in progress.
- Posted on Jul 04, 09:19 UTC

STARTED: Planned Upgrade has been started
- Posted on Jul 04, 08:32 UTC

- Posted on Jul 04, 00:00 UTC