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  Nov 06, 2018

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181026 App Center - Internal Dependent System Update

An internal dependent system related to the App Center requires an update.  There is a possibility that the App Center could be affected by this update.  However, we don't expect that the update will have any impact on App Center customers.


Updates Summary


Sitecore Cloud Operations team were able to deploy the hotfix which resolved the reported issues.Post deployment validations and smoke tests passed successfully.

- Posted on Oct 31, 13:47 UTC


Sitecore Cloud Operations team have Identified issues which will prevent customers from logging in to The Sitecore App Center UI. The reported issues will not prevent customers from using the other services.

- Posted on Oct 29, 13:53 UTC

Identified: We have been alerted that this system update will take place on 28-Oct-2018 from 01:00 am to 01:00 pm UTC.
- Posted on Oct 26, 17:04 UTC