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  Jan 21, 2021

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Sitecore support portal ( is not working for some users across the world

ServiceNow is currently down for multiple users across the world, including Sitecore employees, customers, and partners. This means that some customers won’t be able to access  

The issue was escalated to the vendor’s support team and they are reviewing with critical priority.


If you experience an urgent issue and cannot access the portal, please contact Sitecore Support by sending an email to


Updates Summary

Resolved: Issue has been resolved
- Posted on Jan 21, 16:46 UTC


Service Now team have completed our work to restore the suspected network issues that could have be impacting sitecore servicenow instance. Service now team is currently validating whether the recent changes have provided the intended relief.  ServiceNow team will continue to take action to validate the work completed to remediate the network issues that might be affecting connectivity to sitecore servicenow instance.

- Posted on Jan 21, 03:41 UTC

Identified: The above issue has been identified and Service Now team is actively working to resolve the issue.
- Posted on Jan 20, 17:00 UTC