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  Sep 11, 2019

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Sitecore Managed Cloud – Updating classic alerts to enhanced monitoring package

Microsoft deprecates classic alerts from August 31st 2019, therefore Sitecore Cloud Operations is upgrading all Managed Cloud customers provisioned before May 2019 with the updated basic monitoring package to retain consistent infrastructure availability monitoring delivered by Sitecore Cloud Operations team 24x7x365. For more details, please refer to:


Updates Summary

Additional notice: 

Some customers may not have a new monitoring package deployed due to one of the following reasons:

  • Originally provisioned resources removed
  • Unsupported Sitecore topology: xP0, xM0, xDB0
  • Unsupported Sitecore version: 9.2.0

Note: Customers with unsupported version or topology will receive a monitoring package once available. 

- Posted on Sep 10, 14:57 UTC


Deployment has been finished successfully.

Please contact Sitecore Support in case of any questions.

- Posted on Sep 10, 13:05 UTC

In progress: 

Deployment is in progress. Some customers may start receiving new alert notifications.

Cloud Operations team may temporary disable some new alert rules in order to avoid unnecessary notifications.

- Posted on Sep 04, 13:49 UTC

Started: Deployment has been started. No impact expected.
- Posted on Sep 04, 07:10 UTC


Between 04-Sept – 11-Sep Sitecore Cloud Operations team will be replacing Azure classic alerts with basic monitoring package.

No impact expected.

- Posted on Aug 31, 00:00 UTC