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  Jan 09, 2018

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Managed Cloud And xDB Cloud - VM Maintenance on Azure side

Our Managed Cloud and xDB Cloud vendor, Microsoft Azure will be performing a critical, security-related maintenance-hardware-based security vulnerability (CPU vulnerability) that was identified & disclosed today by Azure.

Various VMs used for delivery of Sitecore xDB Cloud & Managed Cloud services will be rebooted, in order to apply the security fix.

Especially, this may affect Azure VMs under Managed Cloud subscriptions (if any), MongoDB databases availability on xDB Cloud and Managed Cloud xP / xDB sets, xDB Cloud Core services (e.g. REST API).

The maintenance reported start date as of 3:30pm PST on January 3, 2018.

For detailed issue description,  please refer to:




Updates Summary


Azure VM Maintenance is now complete & all the Sitecore customer Azure VM's & their Mongo Deployments are now up & running after the patch.

- Posted on Jan 11, 11:16 UTC

Issue resolved: 

VM Maintenance on Azure side is done & all the customer's Azure VM resources & Mongo deployments are now up & running.

- Posted on Jan 11, 10:56 UTC

Sitecore Workaround: 

In particular cases, occasional downtime of MongoDB hosted in xDB Cloud / Managed Cloud may lead to Sitecore Content Delivery instances outage or performance degradation.

To learn more about this scenario and about the steps to protect your Sitecore solution from outage, please refer to the following article:

- Posted on Jan 04, 16:09 UTC

Impact Update: As of now, we observe more significant impact on MongoDB servers caused by this maintenance. It leads to longer windows of unavailability (up to 10-20 minutes). We investigate this situation with the vendor to minimize the impact.
- Posted on Jan 04, 12:06 UTC


Azure's Alert has been identified and analyzed from Sitecore perspective. Event entry now posted. Sitecore Operations will monitor the Azure's maintenance and report further updates in this Status Page entry.

- Posted on Jan 04, 09:02 UTC