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  Jun 28, 2018

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28 June 2018 Managed Cloud Infrasturcture Alert

Issue Description: subset of Managed Cloud customers in the West Europe region may have experienced difficulties connecting to App service resources with HTTP 500-level response codes. As per Microsoft Azure, this issue started happening at 16:00 UTC on 27 Jun 2018.


Users trying to access the App Services in West Europe region may have received HTTP 500-level response codes, experienced timeouts or high latency when accessing App Service deployments hosted in these regions. 


Sitecore Cloud Engineers will keep monitoring this Azure alert as well the impacted managed cloud services and provide an update once the issue is resolved.


Updates Summary


As per the latest Azure status, this issue has been successfully mitigated.

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- Posted on Jun 28, 12:35 UTC


As per Microsoft, Azure Engineers have identified a possible underlying cause, and are working to determine mitigation options.

We will monitor their updates and provide status updates to this event accordingly.

- Posted on Jun 28, 04:00 UTC

Identified: This App service issue affecting certain Managed cloud West Europe Region customers has been identified.
- Posted on Jun 28, 01:30 UTC