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  Jun 14, 2019

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Sitecore App Center access issue

Issue: The Sitecore App center is unavailable, due to issues with login functionality.

Impact on Customers: Sitecore customers/partners will not be able to access App center.

Actual impact is that the customers/partners/sitecore account managers will not be able to view the consumption details of IP Geolocation, Sitecore Email Cloud & Sitecore Managed cloud. 

Also, purchasing of a new pricing plan / subscribing to a new Sitecore cloud service / changing the existing price plan is affected.



Updates Summary

Resolved: App center backend issues are now resolved & we have verified that the login now works fine.
- Posted on Jun 14, 06:02 UTC

Identified: Unable to login to the Sitecore App center, due to issues with login functionality. Sitecore engineers are working on resolve the issue.
- Posted on Jun 13, 20:49 UTC