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  Apr 02, 2021

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Microsoft Azure DNS Outage Impacting Multiple Services

Event Description: As part of cloud infrastructure monitoring activities, we started observing intermittent issues with Microsoft Azure services. This is causing broad impact across many Managed Cloud Standard customers services including Solr hosted by SearchStax and other Sitecore services in Azure such as GeoIP, but depending on the details of each customer, some are more impacted than others. Per the Microsoft Azure Status page, starting at approximately 21:30 UTC on 01 Apr 2021, the Azure DNS service was experiencing periods of unavailability across a variety of Azure regions and services. Microsoft rerouted traffic to their resilient DNS capabilities and are seeing improvement in service availability.

Impact: Depending on their exact configuration, customers using Sitecore services may have experienced service unavailability due to this Azure DNS outage. The Sitecore Cloud Operations teams investigated and provided updates directly through our incident management process.

Planned Further Actions: Microsoft mitigated the issue by using their resilient DNS solution and state they're now validating the stability of all systems. Sitecore is continuously monitoring the situation and will provide additional updates through this status page as well as directly to impacted customers through the Sitecore Support Portal.



Updates Summary

Next Update: No further updates will be provided through this Status Page channel. The Sitecore Support Portal will have updates for impacted customers as appropriate.
- Posted on Apr 02, 00:18 UTC


The Microsoft Status Page shows the recovery of Azure DNS services to be complete. Microsoft is in "validating recovery" mode.

The Sitecore Cloud Engineers will continue to monitor the situation closely and update impacted customers as any residual alerts flow through the Sitecore Cloud instrumentation.

- Posted on Apr 02, 00:16 UTC

Update: The recovery of Azure DNS services continues to progress. Most Sitecore customer resources have stabilized and are working as expected, but alerts continue to come through as the global impact was significant.
- Posted on Apr 02, 00:05 UTC

Update: Microsoft Azure informs us that recovery of the Azure DNS service is in progress. Due to downstream impact to a number of Azure services, recovery times may vary by service.
- Posted on Apr 01, 23:24 UTC

Identified: Sitecore Cloud Engineers started receiving alerts and confirmed via the Microsoft Azure Status page that Azure DNS was experiencing instability and lack of availability across a wide set of services. 
- Posted on Apr 01, 22:30 UTC