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  May 28, 2018

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Deployment - Sitecore Azure Marketplace Core service update

Sitecore Cloud Operations team is preparing a planned update on Azure Marketplace infrastructure. 

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service:  Sitecore Azure Marketplace

Expected impact on customers: No impact to existing Sitecore Customer's Cloud resources.

Release summary:

  • Marketplace UI Changes -
    1. The Generic Important Notice messages are displayed in all the tabs, on top of the page (previously, it was only in the Environment tab).
    2. The Sitecore size has been split in to Sitecore Configuration and Size drop-downs, the Configuration can be either "Developer" or "Scaled".
    3. When the Configuration selected is “Scaled”, then the Topology Size can be chosen.
  • Marketplace API and SPA v2 
    • Data Structure Improvements
    • SPA Improvements
    • API updates to support Data Structure Improvements




Updates Summary

- Posted on May 27, 16:20 UTC


Deployment in progress, No impact expected to existing or new  Sitecore Customer's Cloud resources.

- Posted on May 25, 16:56 UTC

Deployment Started: The deployment on Production has been started.
- Posted on May 24, 10:09 UTC

- Posted on May 24, 00:00 UTC