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  May 22, 2019

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Azure Network Connectivity Errors - Multiple Sitecore Cloud Services in Europe

During Daily monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Engineers found an issue affecting multiple Microsoft Azure Services, which could have had an impact on Managed Cloud, xDB Cloud, Device Detection and IP Geolocation customers in all regions.

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service: Sitecore xDB Cloud and Managed Cloud customers

Customer identification: All xDB and Managed Cloud customers

Impact: The problem reported by Microsoft affects App Service, Azure Search, Logic Apps, Network Infrastructure, Network Watcher, Redis Cache; Storage, Virtual Network. This means that these services may not be reachable intermittently.

Impacted region: North Europe

Additional references:

Date identified: 07:50 AM UTC

Date resolved: 08:36 PM UTC

Planned further actions:  Azure Engineers are continuing to investigate & establish the full root cause. A full Root Cause Analysis should be updated as soon on the above Azure reference link.

Who performs further actions: Azure

Next update planned at: No further updates


Updates Summary

Resolved: Microsoft engineers isolated the unhealthy device which was then restarted in order to re-establish connections.
- Posted on May 22, 08:36 UTC

- Posted on May 22, 00:00 UTC