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  Mar 20, 2020

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App Service Issue - West Europe


Updates Summary

Preliminary root cause: Microsoft Support Engineers have determined that a recent backend service migration event took place, causing intermittent periods of time where service management requests failed.
- Posted on Mar 20, 05:59 UTC

Mitigated: Engineers determined that the issue was self-healed by the Azure platform after the migration event completed.
- Posted on Mar 20, 05:58 UTC


As part of cloud infrastructure monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Operations team identified an event which we would like to bring to your attention.

Microsoft have identified issues while performing service management operations such as site create, delete and move resources on App Service (Web, Mobile and API Apps) applications, starting at 19 Mar 2020 22:30 UTC. Autoscaling and loading site metrics may also be impacted. Microsoft Support Engineers are actively investigating the issue.

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- Posted on Mar 19, 22:30 UTC