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  Aug 02, 2018

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Sitecore App Center - Planned Upgrade with Bug fixes

Sitecore prepares an update to Sitecore App Center server side with Release packages 0.318.0, 0.319.0.321,0.322 &  0.323.0 along with some bug fixes.

Those changes are focused on internal improvements , optimizations, key bug fixes related to Sitecore App center SPEAK UI , Sitecore Managed Cloud and Sitecore IP Geolocation offering.

Release Notes:

  • Release 0.318.0: Framework 4.0.1702,Framework.Items 4.0.1702, Framework.Api 4.0.1702
  • Release 0.319.0: Sitecore.Apps.ManagedCloud 1.0.451
  • Release 0.321.0: Sitecore.Apps.IP Geolocation 3.0.23
  • Release 0.323.0: Sitecore.EmailCloud 3.0.279
  • Various updates for improved Sitecore internal applications

Impact on customers during deployment: No customers impact is expected, App Center services will be restarted after the Deployment.


Updates Summary

Finished: This planned update has been completed successfully
- Posted on Aug 02, 11:15 UTC

Identified: Maintenance Window is required for Sitecore App Center Updates with Bug fixes
- Posted on Jul 31, 09:00 UTC