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  Mar 11, 2020

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Managed Cloud monitoring update

The "Advanced Monitoring" for Managed Cloud customers will be updated with a new version as a part of planned maintenance.

Possible impact: Low probability that some alerts which were fired during updating can be missed.


Updates Summary

Finished: The maintenance has been finished.
- Posted on Mar 10, 08:10 UTC

Status update: 

The monitoring update has been completed.

During update some issues have been found.

The ETA of maintenance is extended till 11th of March.

- Posted on Mar 06, 12:43 UTC


The maintenance has been completed on about 76% .

Some Customers can face incomplete or removed monitoring during maintenance.

It should be restored after the maintenance ends.

Expected ETA to finish the maintenance: 6th of March 2020


- Posted on Mar 05, 13:58 UTC

Started: The update process has been started.
- Posted on Mar 02, 09:29 UTC

Scheduled: Scheduled on 02 of March
- Posted on Feb 28, 13:50 UTC

- Posted on Feb 28, 00:00 UTC