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  Jan 18, 2018

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App Center Client Accessing Issue


Updates Summary


We’ve now rectified this issue on the App center server.

Once we disabled the remaining active license for Email delivery  which was for our internal testing purposes,we are no longer seeing this error anymore from the app center interface once we login.

It has now been verified that the App center interface is loading normally on login without any such errors.

- Posted on Jan 19, 10:19 UTC

Summary of impact: 

There is an issue in accessing the App Center client (Public) portal with error message "There was an Error in the communication with Sitecore App Center server". The Sitecore services (Sitecore Email Cloud, IP Geolocation, Device Detection (for 8.1 - 8.2)) are working with no issues but purchasing and service termination are unavailable until this issue is resolved.

Please reach out to Sitecore Support in case of any questions.


Next steps: Sitecore Engineers are currently working on resolving this issue and will update the status page once the issue is resolved.

- Posted on Jan 18, 19:11 UTC