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  Jan 14, 2021

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Managed Cloud - Backup Service Update

As part of cloud infrastructure monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Operations team identified an event which we would like to bring to your attention. In case you have any follow up question regarding the event, please do not hesitate to raise a support case on that matter from the home page of Sitecore Support & Self-Service Portal.

Event description: Starting from 12 Jan 2021 Sitecore Cloud Operations team, as a part of Managed Cloud support improvement and alignment to best practices, will automatically create CD and CM web apps backups once per day with 7-day retention for your Production environment.

The storage container will be setup to use local redundancy for availability and compatibility with data governance requirements if there are any. We will secure the back-ups by default by preventing public access to the media; only secure SAS token could the resources be requested (configured using Azure Portal access).

Impact: New storage account will be created under your Azure resource group, monthly cost may be slightly increased (in average less than 5 USD per month).

Note: If you have configured scheduled backups for your Production environment web apps (CD and CM), we reconfigure them for using a new storage account. If you do not need automatic backups or want to change the configuration, then please make a request on Self-Service portal or change the configuration via Azure directly.

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Planned further actions: Review the backup scheduled and modify if required.

Next update planned at: NO UPDATES

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Completed: Sitecore Cloud Operations team has successfully finished the backups setup for CD and CM web apps.

- Posted on Jan 12, 00:00 UTC