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  Nov 05, 2017

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Status Page - Update to v.1.2

Update Sitecore Cloud - Status Page from v.1.0 to v.1.2 rev. 171105.


  • v.1.1 - Automatic Metrics feature preview: for Email Cloud and for Managed Cloud Core metrics.
    This feature enables automatic update of respective statuses (every 5 minutes), reflecting Sitecore Support monitoring alerts. It's available in preview only for now
  • v.1.2 - RSS feature for Maintenance entries. Single Maintenance Entry page. Enhanced (rich) text format for status maintenance updates available


Updates Summary

Finished: Update to newer version finished successfully. A few minutes downtime noted for Sitecore Cloud Status Page near 23:30 UTC.
- Posted on Nov 05, 23:54 UTC

Started: Update is scheduled and immediately started. No negative impact on any Sitecore production systems expected.
- Posted on Nov 05, 23:12 UTC