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  Jul 13, 2021

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Azure Front Door and CDN issue

As part of cloud infrastructure monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Operations team identified an event which we would like to bring to your attention. In case you have any follow up question regarding the event, please do not hesitate to raise a support case on that matter from the home page of Sitecore Support & Self-Service Portal.

Event description: We have received an update from Microsoft stating customers may have experienced connection issue to Azure front door services and Azure CDN environments, The issue started on July 12, 2021 at approximately 18:00 UTC.

Microsoft Engineers have determined that the backend queue balancer is reaching its operational threshold. 

Impact: Customer might have experienced connection issues with Azure front door.

Planned further actions: Microsoft are working on re-routing the flow of traffic.

Refer to for more updates.

Who performs further actions: Microsoft 

Next update planned at: July 12, 2021 @21:00 UTC

Any additional updates of the event status from Sitecore side may be published below.


Updates Summary


The issue now pertains to Azure front door ONLY, primarily in the US & Canada regions. Other regions, including Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, might experience the same impact. Microsoft team is currently applying mitigation. 

For more information:


Next update planned at: As soon as the mitigation is in place. 


Mitigation: Microsoft has re-balanced incoming traffic to other nearby locations to alleviate the increased CPU utilization, and reduced the CPU utilization limit. These have successfully mitigated the incident.


- Posted on Jul 12, 21:08 UTC