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  Jan 01, 0001

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App Center - GeoIP Lookups Report - Data Missing for Recent Months

When viewing the App Center Reports for the IP Geolocation Service, the Lookups count for the last few months is reporting incorrectly as "zero".

Please note that all IP Geolocation Lookup data is still being recorded as expected in the internal database, and can be gathered if requested.

We are investigating the cause of this issue, and will provide updates when new information is available.


Updates Summary


The report discrepancies for the IP Geo Location Lookups count has now been corrected for all customers.

If any additional discrepancies are observed, please create a ticket in the Support Portal. ( or contact your sales rep.

- Posted on Jun 03, 14:00 UTC


An analysis of the cause for the report discrepancies has been identified.  Work is underway to correct the issues for all records of IP Geo Location customers in this state.

Further updates will be provided once the corrections are made.

- Posted on May 27, 20:56 UTC

Identified: Reporting issues in the App Center UI have been identified for the IP Geolocation Service, and are under investigation.
- Posted on May 23, 18:32 UTC