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  Nov 13, 2017

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Azure Marketplace and Managed Cloud - New Sitecore provision may not work

Sitecore monitoring identified an error with provisioning of Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and Experience Manager (XM) instances via standard ARM templates.

The following error may appear in Azure Portal for the target resource group:

"Deployment template validation failed: 'The template resource 'templateLinkBase' at line '27' and column '25' is not valid: The template language function 'replace' expects its first parameter to be of type 'String'. The provided value is of type 'Uri'. Please see for usage details.. Please see for usage details.'."

This immediately affects Sitecore provision feature via Azure Marketplace and Sitecore Managed Cloud.

Our team is actively looking for a workaround.


Updates Summary

Closed: The issue has been fixed by Microsoft on November 15th 2017. We confirm that Provisioning via Azure Marketplace and Azure Toolkit now works as expected.
- Posted on Nov 15, 13:11 UTC

Workaround available: For Azure Toolkit, workaround has been published at This unblocks any Sitecore on Azure and Sitecore Managed Cloud provisioning. Root cause and permanent solution investigation is continuing with Microsoft support. Sitecore Azure Marketplace remains unavailable, Sitecore is looking for the workaround as well.
- Posted on Nov 13, 20:30 UTC

Identified: Issue with Sitecore provision via standard ARM templates has been identified. We are working on the exact impact identification and root cause analysis.
- Posted on Nov 13, 13:51 UTC