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  Apr 01, 2020

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Sitecore Azure AppSource - Service Maintenance for Fixes/Patches Deployment

As part of cloud infrastructure monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Operations team identified an alert which we would like to bring to your attention.

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service:  Sitecore Azure AppSource.

Customer identification: All New & Existing Sitecore AppSource customers.

Issue description:  

During daily monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Operations engineers found an issue with Sitecore Azure AppSource due to which new & existing deployments of Sitecore Experience® Platform™ (XP) are inaccessible.

The ability to spin up Sitecore XP Test Drive instances through Sitecore Appsource  is currently stalled.

Unable to spin up the Sitecore XP Test Drive instances (8.2.4) through the Sitecore App source.

AppSource production instances throwing "System.InvalidOperationException: Index has not been initialized."

Investigations reveal that this is due to the Microsoft Azure Search supported TLS version has been made to be 1.2  and expects the Clients to use TLS 1.2 as well. 


Although the users may submit the request for Test Drive instances, it fails after sometime stating that App source is experiencing problems & hence to try later.

This outage will impact the deployment of new Sitecore Experience® Platform™ (XP)  for Test Drive purposes initiated through

New customers who wish to try out or get familiar with the Sitecore XP before subscribing for Sitecore Managed cloud, etc will be impacted.

Prospect customers who want to try out the CMS capabilities of Sitecore XP before signing up for sitecore license subscriptions such as managed cloud , etc will be unable to request for a Test Drive instance for their sandbox/try-out purposes.

Planned further actions:

Sitecore Cloud engineers will closely follow up on the issue and post further updates under this event article on status page.

Date identified:  20-Mar-2020

Who performs further actions:  Sitecore Cloud Team.



Updates Summary


This maintenance has now been completed & validated successfully.

 App Source Test Drive is now available for use.

- Posted on Apr 01, 07:09 UTC

IN PROGRESS: The maintenance upgrade procedures to support for TLS 1.2 have been commenced.
- Posted on Mar 30, 12:44 UTC

IDENTIFIED: This Issue has been identified & internally escalated to the Sitecore Cloud Engineering teams.
- Posted on Mar 22, 10:43 UTC

- Posted on Mar 22, 00:00 UTC