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  May 25, 2018

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CES 2.1.1 Release - IP Geo location and Tenant Info services Upgrade

Sitecore prepares an upgrade to the Contact Enrichment Services namely the Geo IP & TenantInformation Services on Azure.

Impact on Customers: No impact on live customer solutions expected.

Release Highlights:

1) Strip IP address captured in application insights to be GDPR compliant.

2) Fix various bugs related to consumption data collection & aggregation.

Bug Fixes included:

1)  Application reported wrongly when aggregating multiple apps from CESConsumption to App center consumption repository.

2)  Strip custom IP address from IP Geo URL in Application Insights

3)  Fix stream analytics query to include fields into rowId



Updates Summary


Upgrade successfully completed.

All services up & running.

- Posted on May 25, 16:52 UTC

IN PROGRESS: The deployment of the upgrade packages is in progress.
- Posted on May 25, 13:00 UTC

STARTED: Deployment of the upgrade release package for both IP Geo & TenantInfo Azure cloud services has been started.
- Posted on May 25, 10:56 UTC

- Posted on May 25, 00:00 UTC