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  Oct 01, 2019

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Sitecore Email Cloud (Sparkpost) - Transition from Message Events API to Events API

During daily monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Operations engineers noticed an operational notice from the Email cloud vendor "Sparkpost" which communicates that the Message Events API will be replaced by the Events API

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service: Sitecore Email Cloud customers

Customer identification: Sitecore Email Cloud customers

Impact:  Starting on October 1, 2019, all the API calls made to Sparkpost must use the Events API. The Message Events API will be discontinued, and hence customers using the Message Events API will not be able to get the required data from Sparkpost.

Additional references:  The Events Search which is part of the Events API has robust searching capabilities that provide ready access to the raw event data associated with the messages that are sent via SparkPost.

In order to help the customers with the transition,  Sparkpost has also come up with a migration aid for node.js or python.


Updates Summary


It has been confirmed that this update/change will NOT impact any of the Sitecore Email cloud customers.

And Sitecore Cloud Operations have taken necessary internal actions regarding this API change.


- Posted on May 12, 12:10 UTC

- Posted on May 09, 00:00 UTC