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  Oct 18, 2019

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Azure Marketplace deployment issues

Sitecore team have identified an issue related to failed deployments while performing marketplace deployments for Sitecore version 9.1.x scaled instance in XP, XM and XDB . Sitecore Engineers are working on it to fix the issue as soon as possible. 


Updates Summary


Sitecore Engineers have fixed this issue now. The fixes have been deployed and the marketplace deployments are successful . However , there are very rare chance of deployment failure  for which we would request to re-deploy again. 


- Posted on Nov 04, 08:31 UTC

In-Progress: Sitecore Engineers continue to work to resolve this issue.
- Posted on Oct 25, 20:20 UTC

Identified: Marketplace cannot currently deploy Sitecore 9.1.x scaled instance in XP, XM and XDB
- Posted on Oct 18, 00:00 UTC