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  Nov 15, 2019

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CES Release 3.0.0 for ServiceNow GeoIP Service

Sitecore Cloud Operations team is preparing the following planned release to Sitecore Cloud Services.

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service:   Contact Enrichment Services namely the IP Geo-location & TenantInformation Services.

Impact on Customers: No impact on live customer solutions expected.

Release details:

CES Release 3.0.0 is for deployment of new ServiceNow GeoIp Subscription API package which would deploy the IP Geo Agreement service with support for Service Now.

Release Highlights:

  • The above release package deployment enables the creation of new IP Geo subscriptions for the new Customer's Sitecore licenses through Service Now.
  • It also ensures that the agreement signature for the “Terms and Conditions” for the actual IP Geo Service are accepted while creating the new IP Geo Subscriptions.
  • Aside from creation of IP Geo subscriptions, it can also retrieve the subscription details of the existing IP Geolocation subscriptions and can also delete the existing IP Geo subscriptions through valid customer’s Sitecore Licenses.
  • It performs all these actions through the ServiceNow API for IP Geo Agreement service which gets provisioned on Sitecore’s production CES Azure subscription.



Updates Summary


The deployment has been completed successfully on Production environment for Sitecore CES. 

All the post deployment smoke test scenarios have passed successfully for the production env.

This concludes the deployment of this release.

- Posted on Nov 15, 17:54 UTC

IN PROGRESS: The deployment procedures are in progress.
- Posted on Nov 15, 08:32 UTC

- Posted on Nov 15, 00:00 UTC