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  Dec 08, 2020

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Azure SQL: Service management operations issue in West US 2

Starting at 18:21 UTC on 08 Dec 2020 Azure SQL servers and databases in the West US 2 region have been experience intermittent issues performing management operations. Retrieving information about servers and databases through the Azure Portal may result in an error or timeout. Server and database create, drop, rename, and change edition or performance tier operations may also not complete successfully.


This may cause new deployments of Sitecore Managed Cloud done through Azure Marketplace to fail. This may also cause database scaling operations to fail.


Availability (connecting to and using existing databases) is not impacted.


Updates Summary

Resolved: Microsoft engineers will continue to investigate to establish the full root cause and prevent future occurrences.
- Posted on Dec 08, 22:38 UTC

Issue mitigated: The issue has been mitigated by Microsoft engineers.
- Posted on Dec 08, 21:27 UTC

- Posted on Dec 08, 00:00 UTC