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  Sep 29, 2020

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Authentication Issue while accessing Azure Active Directory

Event Description: Starting at approximately 21:25 UTC, a subset of customers may encounter errors performing authentication operations for a number of Microsoft services, including the Azure Portal.  Microsoft is reporting an active outage for Azure AD. Authentication errors across multiple Microsoft/Azure services.


1) Certain Customers might be unable to login to Azure portal.

Following services of Solr Searchstax might be impacted as well:
  • Deployment Creation in Azure
  • Deployment Deletion in Azure
  • Managing IP Filtering for deployments created in Azure


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Planned further action:

We are continuously monitoring the situation and will keep you updated as and when we hear more about it.

Microsoft Engineering teams have been engaged and are investigating. 



Updates Summary


As per updates from Microsoft,

Preliminary Root Cause: A recent configuration change impacted a backend storage layer, which caused latency to authentication requests.

Mitigation: The configuration was rolled back to mitigate the issue.

- Posted on Sep 29, 05:19 UTC


As per update from Microsoft, we have noted below:

 MS Engineering teams have applied mitigation steps and are continuing to validate for full mitigation. 
 At this time, customers in the Azure Public  clouds should see signs of recovery.

- Posted on Sep 29, 02:15 UTC

- Posted on Sep 28, 00:00 UTC