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  Jun 19, 2019

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190619 Sitecore Managed Cloud - Problems Creating and Moving Azure Resources

Managed Cloud customers in the affected Azure regions may experience issues when changing Web APP infrastructure via the Azure portal. Additionally, Azure web app resources with autoscaling and loading site metrics may be affected per Azure issue (_DLQ-VVG). The issue was identified at 6 AM UTC June 19 2019.

The affected list of Azure regions is as follows:

Australia Central, Australia Central 2, Australia East, Australia Southeast, Brazil
South, Canada Central, Canada East, Central India, Central US, East Asia, East US,
East US 2, France Central, France South, Japan East, Japan West, Korea Central,
Korea South, North Central US, North Europe, South Africa North, South Africa
West, South Central US, Southeast Asia, South India, UK South, UK West, West
Central US, West Europe, West India, West US, West US 2

Microsoft engineers are actively investigating this issue.


Updates Summary

Web App Management Experiencing Problems: An issue has been identified affecting Azure web app management operations such as creating, deleting and moving resources. Customers creating, deleting and moving web app resources may experience 500 errors or delayed performance. Additionally, resources configured for autoscaling may be affected.
- Posted on Jun 19, 19:29 UTC


Microsoft Azure Engineers have corrected the issue which were causing the impact to Azure App Services.

- Posted on Jun 19, 10:30 UTC

- Posted on Jun 19, 00:00 UTC