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  Apr 25, 2018

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Sitecore App Center - Planned Upgrade with Bug fixes

Sitecore prepares an update to Sitecore App Center server side with Release packages 0.313.0, 0.315.0 &  0.316.0 along with some bug fixes.

Those changes are focused on internal improvements , optimizations, key bug fixes related to Sitecore App center SPEAK UI , Sitecore Managed Cloud and Sitecore IP Geolocation offering.

Release Notes:

  • Release 0.313.0: Framework 4.0.1574,Framework.Items 4.0.1574, Framework.Api 4.0.1574
  • Release 0.315.0: ScF.Apps.GeoIP.Items 1.0.281: GeoIP Items which includes GeoIP UI Changes for the unlimited price plan support
  • Release 0.316.0: Sitecore.Apps.ManagedCloud 1.0.358
  • Various updates for improved Sitecore internal applications

Impact on customers during deployment: No impact on live customers expected, but App Center server will be restarted once closer to finish date 

Impact on customers after deployment: After the update is done,

  • The existing customers of the IP Geolocation service will find their plan being updated to “unlimited” with no associated cost. Also the existing customers will neither be able to change their “unlimited” plan nor terminate it. Customers are welcome to contact their regional Sitecore sales representatives to learn more about the change.
  • For any new customer wanting to purchase the Sitecore IP Geolocation service, only 1 option of subscribing to the “12 months unlimited plan” is available with no associated cost.


Updates Summary


The production SAC servers are now upgraded to the latest handed over release builds and the pertinent smoke tests successfully validated.

- Posted on Apr 25, 12:27 UTC

In Progress: This planned upgrade which involves deployment of the release packages on to the App center servers is in progress.
- Posted on Apr 24, 06:00 UTC

Identified: The upgrade has been started.
- Posted on Apr 05, 14:55 UTC