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  Nov 19, 2017

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Managed Cloud and xDB Cloud - Azure Network Infrastructure issue in North Central US

Starting at 05:40 UTC on 18 Nov 2017 a subset of customers with resources in Azure's North Central US data center may experience connectivity issues as reported by Azure Status Page. Some customers using App Service (Web Apps) may experience latency or timeouts. Sitecore is validating the impact on our cloud infrastructure.


Updates Summary

Closed: The issue was fixed by Microsoft on November 19th 2017.

- Posted on Nov 19, 14:06 UTC

Update: After deep investigation from Sitecore side, we have found that the issue is not affected our current customers. However, we continue monitoring the state.
- Posted on Nov 19, 10:15 UTC

Identified: The alert has been identified and the investigation process has been started.
- Posted on Nov 19, 09:00 UTC