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  Nov 19, 2019

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Managed Cloud provisioning restricted in West US and East US 2

Due to high demand for Azure SQL DB's in these regions , we are facing issues with quota limitation while deploying Managed cloud environments. 

We are constantly working with Microsoft to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. 




Updates Summary


We have investigated the issue with Microsoft .  As per our investigation , below are our key findings - 

  1. In some Regions, the demand for a specific Azure resource may outstrip capacity, and while Microsoft is actively working to build out additional capacity, sometimes Microsoft have to make the difficult decision to restrict new subscriptions in a few Regions.
  2.  In case , if our customers face this issue , the suitable action is to raise a support request to Microsoft  after which the region will be enabled/whitelisted on demand .

- Posted on Nov 20, 08:22 UTC

In Progress: The issue has been resolved for the East US 2 region . However , you may still face issue while deploying Managed Cloud Sitecore environments or SQL server in West US region .
- Posted on Nov 20, 05:42 UTC

In-Progress: Sitecore Engineers are working with Microsoft to get this resolved . More updates will be posted soon.  
- Posted on Nov 19, 02:21 UTC

Identified: Sitecore Engineers have identified this issue and working with Microsoft to get this resolved. 
- Posted on Nov 19, 00:00 UTC