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  May 23, 2018

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IP Geolocation and Device Detection - Consumption Issues for April-May

There was an inconsistency found in the data consumption aggregation logic on Contact Enrichment Services side. Therefore, while consumption data is still collected, the aggregated view of the consumption data may show incorrect numbers for April and May. Sitecore team is working on the issue analysis and mitigation.

Impact: Consumption data shown in App Center might be incomplete for April, May 2018 and further.

Affected Services: IP Geolocation, Device Detection


Updates Summary

ISSUE RESOLVED: The internal Sitecore IP Geolocation and Device Detection configuration issue has now been rectified and we have verified that consumption data is valid and up to date.
- Posted on May 23, 11:37 UTC

Identified: The issue has been identified. Sitecore team is working on the root cause analysis and mitigation. Next updates will posted as soon as possible.
- Posted on May 18, 07:00 UTC