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  Sep 15, 2019

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Sitecore App Center - Planned Upgrade with Bug fixes

Sitecore prepares an update to Sitecore App Center server side with an internal Release Nuget package 0.343, targeted for Sitecore Email Cloud App Updates & Fixes.

These changes are focused on Sitecore Email Cloud solution for EXM internal improvements.

Release Highlights:

  • EXM invoicing: Incorrect quota calculated when order is upgraded.
  • EXM Invoicing: Incorrect Previous Consumption value is calculated.
  • Bug fixes for Errors in generated EXM invoice files.
  • Bug fixes for "Wrong currency" in the generated EXM invoice files . 
  • Other low priority  EXM Invoicing fixes. 

Impact on Customers:    No impact on live customer solutions expected, App Center server will be restarted once closer to finish date.



Updates Summary

COMPLETED: This upgrade has been completed.
- Posted on Sep 15, 07:48 UTC

STARTED: This upgrade in the form of deployment of the release packages is in progress.
- Posted on Sep 13, 06:00 UTC

- Posted on Sep 13, 00:00 UTC