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  May 12, 2017

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IP Geolocation - Inability to view consumption data

Customers are not able to see IP Geolocation consumption data for May 2017


Updates Summary


Consumption data reports restored for IP Geolocation service, no further issues. Sitecore is monitoring the system state after fix application. Also, an additional level of monitoring will be implemented for faster service restoring in future.

- Posted on May 12, 12:27 UTC


Sitecore Cloud Operations team have identified an issue with the following details:

Sitecore Cloud Service: Sitecore IP Geolocation

Impact: All service customers are not able to view IP Geolocation consumption data for May 2017 in Sitecore App Center

Status & Next-Steps: Sitecore team is actively working on restoring the consumption view feature. Next update will be provided within this thread on issue resolution.

- Posted on May 11, 12:52 UTC