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  Dec 04, 2018

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Intermittent Network Degradation - South Central US

As part of cloud infrastructure monitoring activities, Sitecore Cloud Operations team identified an alert which we would like to bring to your attention.

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service: Sitecore Managed Cloud - Customer

Customer identification: The South Central US Managed Cloud Customers

Issue description: As per Azure communication, the South Central US Managed Cloud Customers might have experienced degraded performance, network drops or time outs when accessing Azure resources hosted in this region. Applications and resources that retried connections or requests may have succeeded due to multiple redundant network devices and routes available within Azure data centers.

Impact: Degraded Performance, network drops or time outs when accessing Azure resources in the South Central US Data Center.

Additional references:

Date identified: Between 02:48 UTC and 04:52 UTC on 04 Dec 2018

Date resolved: 04 Dec 2018 at 04:52 UTC 

Planned further actions: Azure Engineers are continuing to investigate & establish the full root cause. A full Root Cause Analysis should be updated in approximately 72 hours on the above Azure reference link.

Who performs further actions: Azure

Next update planned at: No further updates


Updates Summary

RESOLVED: As per Azure, this issue is now resolved.
- Posted on Dec 04, 06:35 UTC

- Posted on Dec 04, 00:00 UTC