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  May 19, 2020

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Sitecore Email Cloud Service Hostname was Updated

A hostname for Sitecore Email Cloud service was updated to from

As per updates from our Email Cloud vendor, they have successfully migrated the sending IP's from AWS network IP's to SparkPost-owned IPs. 

Hostname changes should not impact any customer implementation who are following Sitecore Email Cloud guidelines.

For further review of the Guidelines please review the following Link.

However, those customers who had updated their whitelisting rules to allow traffic from “” domain mail server to send emails have been impacted. 

Hence, these impacted customers need to update their whitelisting rules to allow traffic from hosts:


IP Pool "400":

- NEW IPs : and

IP Pool "100":

- NEW IPs : and

US IP's:

IP Pool "100":


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- Posted on Jun 02, 00:00 UTC