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  May 04, 2017

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App center DB server Issue : unable to remote login to App center Database server

During daily monitoring activities Sitecore Cloud Operations team have identified an issue with one of the App Center server.


Customer Impact :          Short/very few minutes downtime expected for all customers




              Today we have identified that the remote login to the App center Database server has been failing.

               As of now, All App center operations are working fine & customer endpoints working normal, only the backend login to the server is not possible for now.

              We believe some processes on the server might be stalled for which the server restart would be needed.

              We are working with the IT team to resolve this issue. 

The Database server will be restarted by the Sitecore IT team now.

The App center will have a downtime of appx. 5 - 10 minutes for all customers


Updates Summary

Login to App center Database server now possible: 

This maintenence is now completed after the DB server was restarted.

All app center services are up & running & we have smoke tested the customer facing apps to be positive.

The downtime was approximately 5 minues.

- Posted on May 04, 09:20 UTC